JOthello is a Java-based "Othello" game. It can be played by one player or between two players. Players can choose the size of the chess board. With many helping functions provided with the game, you can enjoy this game better. Players can view the game history, players' record, replay the game and display hints of possible moves. JOthello is developed using Java2D for the GUI, and I am working on a live chat between players.

An interesting improvement would be to create a framework for users to implement their own players (Computer Players) and use those players to play with each other. There are already a lot of existing programmed players but they are written in different languages and some are very old. It would be very exciting to watch them to play against each other. I am still working on this idea.

JOthello is only the first part of my big project -- JGame. I want to make a framework for java-based computer games and each game can be pluged into the framework. After completing JOthello I will work on this framework.

JOthello is still under development. A testing application is available for download. Please go to the download page to download it. JOthello is completely free and comments or suggestions are extremely welcome.

This site is the central repository to find information about JOthello, general news, support, last releases, ...

The JOthello project is currently hosted on SourceForge.


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